still unable to sign in using the app or website

  • 31 October 2020
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are you ever going to fix your sign up? it's been almost a year since this problem has cropped up and absolutely nothing has been done about it. I shouldn't have to turn off my wifi (and sometimes even my data) on my PHONE just to be able to sign in. i've already talked to customer service over the phone when this issue first popped up for me and they were overall unhelpful.

i understand that due to covid things might be a lil short staffed here and there but i feel like fixing your sites login is literally vital to your company and its customers. you should focus on that. :/


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Hello @maltsea! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. At this time, Cricket is not experiencing issues with our myCricket app as customers have successfully been able to log into that app and manage their accounts. 

Customer may be required to turn off their Wi-Fi to use the app due to issues with user IP address with their Wi-Fi network that may prevent access to the app. Please know that you will need an active Internet connection to use the app and our customers are able to use the app with no issues using their LTE cellular data. 

Thank you for your feedback and inquiry. 

Do you enjoy lying, James? I'm not the only one who has the login issue. Chalking it up to it being my IP relating to a WI-FI network is a huge deflection. It's been OVER A YEAR since people have started talking about this issue, either on this forum itself, or on other sites like reddit. I've done my research. On my pc, when I am HARDWIRED to the router, I am unable to login, and I get the error saying that access to myAccount (a service, not my particular account), is unavailable, call our customer service hotline for help. I have DONE this. They did not help! They did not offer any solution other than use data and just Keep trying. I live in a rural area, James. I'm lucky if I get 2 bars. I consistently get 1, which apparently, most of the time, isn't enough to even load a site like google or facebook, on my phone. HOWEVER, I will be fair and say it sometimes does work. So on my phone, on wifi, RIGHT NEXT TO THE ROUTER, because it is literally ON my desk. I cannot log in. I get the same error message in a banner across the top of the page. On my phone, with data, again, I consistently get ONE BAR OF SIGNAL STRENGTH. Because I live in a RURAL AREA. This is the best I am going to get, unless I go out of my way to another part of town, JUST to be able to get a better signal. Another part of town I might add, that would be miles away from where I actually live.

Frustrated because this issue is still ongoing, I talk to your cricket support account on Twitter. I told them a shortened version of what I am saying right now, All they told me was to switch internet connections. WHAT? As if I somehow miraculously have access to a SECONDARY internet access point where I live. In a Rural Town. Not even IN town, on the outskirts of town near an even SMALLER rural town. The internet I currently have, IS the only internet I f*cking have, James. It's so amazingly laughable that that is your gusyes solution to me being unable to log into my own account on your website, OR the app is to just connect to different internet. What internet? Where is it?

Oh, but it's not just being unable to log into my account. On data, on my ONE bar, rarely two, I am unable to solve captchas on your website, period. This makes it almost impossible to reset my password, Which I so badly need to be able to do, because I lost what my password was. It only works on wifi. Or when I'm hardwired to the router. Imagine that? But anything relating to actually submitting the process to resetting my password, logging in, any of it, is impossible to do on wifi/ethernet. So after solving the captcha on internet, I have to switch back over to data. A HUGE annoyance, that I have to keep switching back and forth between data and internet just to be able to access different functions of your mobile site. I try to submit the information. Imagine, if you will, my surprise then when, oops! It didn't go through! No error or anything, it just didn't work. Prompting me to once again, try and solve the captcha by pressing it. But it won't work on data! Back to internet! But what's the point? I've done this multiple times, hoping it will work the next time, maybe if I wait, it'll work then. Nothing. It still refuses to go through. So not only can I not login on actual internet, now I can't even login on DATA, because I accidentally overwrite my autofill, of all things. :) 

Trying to buy a new phone to upgrade my phone after mine started falling apart was a literal laborious event. Now, I have my new phone. I'm trying to activate it! But once again, I can't do it on my pc, or my phone on data. I get "unknown error". I try on data on my phone, it works, oh, except. I need to login to finish it. BUT I CANT F*CKING LOG IN, JAMES. BECAUSE MY AUTOFILL GOT OVERWRITTEN, AND I CANT ACTUALLY RESET MY PASSWORD, BECAUSE YOUR MOBILE WEBSITE, DOESN'T F*CKING WORK.


You, or ANYBODY else who works at this company want to tell me again you do not have account access issues or website issues related to login? You wanna try that again. Fix your f*cking website. It's not my "IP" or "wi-fi", it's you.

I,too, have this issue and I tracked it down to my ad blocking software. Even if you whitelist the site, it may still not work. If I need to do anything on Cricket's site using a browser or app, I deactivate my ad blocking software for the duration of the visit.

I’ve had this problem for years with the same results...funny how the first few years I was with Cricket I never had a problem...I too live in a rural area and only receive 1 or 2 bars on a good day and it’s like 2G.  I gave up spending hours upon hours with customer support trying to resolve.  There isn’t one other site that I have this issue logging into so it must be on Cricket’s end.  I wonder how many thousands of customers have the same issue but don’t ever say anything.

I don’t know if I have add-blocking software or not...but there is not one other site on the internet that gives me this issue.  And if their web site developers can’t work around add-blocking software maybe they should get some help from their parent company AT&T experts.  

I also have this issue and was told the only way to connect to my Cricket account was to use mobile data and that there was a security issue using home WIFI?? Really after using it for all my credit/bank and medical updates there is an issue with security for my phone account...sounds a bit like a cover up for a problem they have but can't solve.

I have the same issue, and mine is not resolved. Even with the Cricket help person having me turn off WiFi and Ad Blockers, it was impossible to access my account. 

I’m curious if you use an Apple phone? 

However, two different service reps mentioned that many customers using Apple products were having the same issue. 

I was able to sign in to my account using a friend’s google-based tablet and the cricket app (but NOT the web browser!). At least this gave me the chance to reset my password etc (since the customer service reps had changed my password, pin, and security questions, I was not comfortable leaving the account vulnerable to security issues.) 

This is not just about ad-blocking software, it’s about a war on our privacy.  I had to use my work laptop in order to make a payment and the only difference is the VPN in use.  Our corporate overlords have decided that we are not allowed to block ads, use privacy-oriented VPN like TORGuard (even though most security experts agree it is a vital security measure) or anything else that interferes with monitoring our every action and every detail about us, all around the internet and into the real world (like the law-enforcement license-plate monitoring/tracking camera programs quietly growing all over the place in a blatant violation of the 5th amendment.)

This is not acceptable.  I am a human and I have human and civil rights.  Corporations are not people (I don’t care what SCOTUS says) and organizations (even nations) have little or no rights - rights belong to living or conscious beings.  Cricket has NO right to forbid me from using ad-blockers, VPN or any other privacy or security measure any more than my grocery store has a right to tell me not to lock my front door.

Change is coming and the oligarchy can’t stop it.  If Cricket wants to exist on the other side of the change, they’ll need to accept the truth - humans are in charge, not corporations.  Right now I don’t see many corporations accepting this fact and when they are all shut down or converted to public utilities they will whine and cry most piteously:  “But we own the world, including you, not fair!”

Notice that we’re allowed to log on to the forums but not manage our accounts.  Cricket knows how to fix this, they simply refuse.


Notice that we’re allowed to log on to the forums but not manage our accounts.  Cricket knows how to fix this, they simply refuse.

getting cricket wireless was a huge mistake. Fist I’m told I can use any ATT compatible hotspot for a data plan. I get one and then my account is suspended because it’s not compatible. I was getting d/l at 28mbps with it vs the 3mbps with the device from cricket, so I have no idea how that’s not compatible. The device is also on the ATT whitelist for the 3g shut down.

I closed that line and am using the hotspot device on ATT perfectly fine now. As soon as I closed that line my cricket account became entirely inaccessible and I ended up having to make a new one. I was told me old account was too old. It was made in early Feb, maybe the 5th or 6th of 2022.

Well I made a new account anyway and have about 5% luck logging in to that. Chat keeps disconnecting, The only advice I get is to use the app on my cricket phone. I have my laptop connected to that devices hotspot to make sure I’m using a cricked IP and I can’t log in. 


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I get this issues basically every day. All I want right now is to activate my hbo max account but can’t, because I can’t log in to cricket at all. Even if I could in the app, what good will that do when I have to activate hbo through a browser?

I was told last to reset my password even though I was just asked if I know my login and replied that I do. I am not getting a bad login message, I’m getting a “we can’t get our crap together” message.

I’ve been doing IT, server admin on both linux and windows servers, database admin and more for 21 years and I just cannot believe how sloppy of a company this is. It’s like they let a 15 year old who is learning databases handle everything.


I too ran into this issue.  I am in the mountains without cellular service.  I am on verizon fios in NC and it just won’t login. I then vpn’d into my work (also on verizon fios) and logging in works just fine.  My network here in NC is running on eero, maybe they have something weird running on their routers.


I see that this thread is old, but I found the work around. It IS crickets security or whatever manages their website, but since Apple hides your IP across websites, cricket throws you out of their site. 

anytime you want to use a cricket service, you have to go into settings>safari> and disable “prevent cross-site tracking” and change “hide IP address” to trackers only. 


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