stupid service

  • 1 June 2021
  • 5 replies

I started wondering why my service went to crap and come to find out AT&t is in control of you so therefore I will be suspending my services as soon as my bill date is due and switching to boost Mobile to get away from AT&t AT&t is a worthless company they have no business handling my phone they have no business handling anything cuz they can't even handle what they have my brand new phone doesn't work worth anything your company cannot fix it because your service is crap you guys need to go ahead and go bankrupt

5 replies

And I shall be recommending to my friends that they do not get cricket service for instance you sell somebody a plan that's supposed to have at least 20 meg per second and you can't provide more than three and you're still charging them for the full 20 which is about $80 you're a crooked company

Our service in NW WI went from stellar to crap since 2021…

Used to get 4-5 bars nearly everywhere, now louck to get 1-2 bars.

‘Calls go direct to voicemail, people get worried when cannot reach you.

Had to invest in a repeater just to get steady 1-2 bars and still random drops.

AT&T must be playing games with us right now, trying to get us on their 4x as costly plans.

I will go back to dixie cups before I spend any more money on a phone...


Your stupid 


This company stupid been without service since last Wednesday and now they shut the phones off


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