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  • 3 August 2018
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having a hard time getting through to speak with an oline agent

7 replies

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Hello. Thank you for joining the community! If you're still needing assistance please reach out to us on Facebook ( or on twitter (@cricketsupport). 

I spoke to a Victor Kershaw today, who allegedly is a manager. He was extremely rude. When I asked for his manager he said NO! I asked him did he care that he was being recorded while being rude, he said No! I will be calling the corporate office and I expect an apology from Victor 

How can a customer reach escalation without having to file a formal complaint via certified letter?  I've had a WiFi calling issue which has taken literally over 20+ hours conservatively and speaking with supervisors who refuse to create a ticket and escalate.  I don't have FB or Twitter... seriously and why should I reach out to a company via social media when they provide a forum and tech support number and chat?

Yes I bought 2 some cards yesterday and had them activated I'm switching from metro I paid for smoth I thought I could but I can't today is last day metro service
I just bought two sims cards and activate them with Cricut okay I'm switching from metro I thought I could switch my two phones but I can't I didn't know what to get free phone but now I can't get them cuz they did to me for activation
I just bought two sims card yesterday and activate them in cricket a switching for metra I thought my phone to be switched but they can't now I have service in the phones they say I can't get free phones now because I didn't get activation I didn't know nobody offered me free phone the activation

is this where I can talk to a person about my cricket problem?


Diane Warner