terrible customer service in the Columbus Indiana store

  • 1 April 2021
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I went into the Columbus Indiana store to ask for help on a claim. I had Insurance on a phone and the guy told me that I didn't ask to speak to another employee. He stated he was only one working there he got upset that I asked to speak to someone else he said his name was Robert. He said he was the manager this happened two days ago. When you wrote his first name down he put Robert and then tore it up cussed me out and told me to leave the store said he was going to call the cops I didn't want any further problems so was just going to file complaint online and turn into the Better Bureau Business. Customer service is terrible i've been with you guys for 2 and 1/2 years on a family share plan of six phone lines two separate accounts my wife has lost her phone and we had insurance on it paying $11 a month it was a iPhone 10s I think this guy needs to be fired I will be switching companies here in the next few days can somebody please get back with me and let this be known to HR or somebody over top of the Columbus Indiana store


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I'd like somebody to get back in contact with me besides in Columbus Indiana store. The guy's name was Robert cussed me like a dog I still have not got my wife's phone replaced. It was an iPhone 10s that we had Insurance on now she is left without a phone you can get ahold of me on my email. I will be switching companies soon I am very upset and angry I don't even know if this guy name was real but it was all caught on camera video and audio I did not raise my voice cussing out or anyting

Had a terrible experience in the Columbus Indiana store. By a guy named Robert claiming to be the manager was the only one working there did not want to help me with a claim. Claiming it was not his job he cussed me out and and asked me to leave the store I didn't want any more problems and was just going to report it and had even more problems making a complaint. After two and a half years with a family share plan I will be switching companies as soon as I can find one prices are good reception isn't bad but when it comes to customer service in that store it is terrible. You should be able to know who you are speaking with and assistance whatever it is whether it's filing a claim or picking a phone out. I think this guy needs to be fired and someone needs to get in touch with me about this this is all on camera video and audio

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@Ryan Gonzalez We hate to see you’ve had a poor experience, Ryan! We’d like to help settle this matter. Please contact Cricket Support on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) if you need additional assistance.