Text about 5G, scam?

  • 27 August 2021
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Hello, has anyone else received this text “from Cricket”  ? 


3 replies

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Hello @theresasmale! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. This is not a scam message as this is a notification from Cricket Wireless regarding the shutdown of our 3G services in 2022. This is accurate information and you can click the link in the message for more details on the shutdown. 


Hello, has anyone else received this text “from Cricket”  ? 


Oh, yeah, not my phone but my roommate's phone was said to be non3G compliant bah, blah... I had added his old Metro phone to my account when moved in. Figured it would streamline bills and we could benefit from the discounts. Had to pay out of pocket to upgrade / no trade in credits, like about $160 for a 'compliant' phone upgrade; also my cracked screen (which I thought insurance I was paying covered; surprise, surprise, it didn't) had to be 'upgraded' as they had discontinued my model THE WEEK BEFORE apparently, and I had to shell out about $175 for the cheapest upgrade, NO trade-in credit, AND a $25 'service fee'. Talk about *ssholes that kick you when you're down. As a result, I had to 'adjust my budget' and cancel all my birthday dinner plans for the following week. Thanks, Cricket and don't forget to G🤗F😉Y😁

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Holy sh:wink: t Pixie! My phone is 5G per the settings. it is a Samsung S20+5G. My husband’s is a Samsung S9, it doesn’t say anything about 5G.  Guess we’ll see………..