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  • 28 January 2022
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I am unable to login on MyCricket app, unable to login at . Says account is unavailable.

Had bo problem for many years, all of it started recently.

Calling on telephone has been zero help. Seriously not one support person can help and all

they say is pleasextey later. 

I NEED access to my account.

Cricket retail store has been unable to help.

611 unable to help.

I NEED to access my account.


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2 replies


Same experience for the last 3 days.   Attempting to login with the Android myCricket app I get an “Invalid Request” entry.   Attempting to login with multiple web browsers (Chrome and Firefox) I get “ Your account is not available. To sign in, call Customer Care at 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538). “


I did call Cricket customer support and they told me this problem has been experienced by many people and I should just keep retrying each day.   I’ve continued to try each day with NO DIFFERENCE.


I know this is not all Cricket customers as I know other customers who can login to their account, my impression is Cricket has “lost” the account login information for many of its customers?


I’m trying to login to pay my bill, please FIX this so I can pay you!!!!



All credit to “helpme” the original poster as they found this solution and shared it with me and it also worked for me.


Summary:  Create a new Cricket login account for your phone number(s).


This seems crazy, I’m a software developer and the idea of allowing users to create new (thus multiple) logins for an existing account is a huge data management problem but Cricket allows it and it solved the problem. 

From our experience and comments from Cricket support about the numbe of people calling with this issue apparently Cricket has badly broken a number of user login accounts and Cricket support has no solution and only give the advice to keep retrying (which hasn’t worked for over a week).


Before this solution I’d tried “forgot my username” and “forgot my password” procedures to solve the issue.  They did not help, I still couldn’t login in either the website or the app to my Cricket account.

Using a modern web browser (“helpme” used Edge, I used Firefox) browse to the site and click on “Sign In” on the upper left to get to the Login page.   Rather than logging in, click the “Create New Login” link and enter a different username than your previous one and your phone number.   You’ll get a text with a code on your phone and on the website you then have to enter that texted confirmation code, a new account password, and agree to the Terms & Conditions (check the box).

Bingo, after that the new username/password now gives you access to your Cricket account (All the other account info is the same as before, all associated to your phone number) in both the website AND the Cricket app.


Your old username/password remains broken but your new username/password has access to the same account data and you can once again manage your Cricket account, pay your bill, etc.


THANK YOU “helpme”!