Unable to Pay on Website

  • 27 January 2022
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Does Cricket just… Not like money? I’ve been fighting for an hour to upgrade my phone.


Between it continuously bouncing the amount I owe between $500 and $965, declining my credit card on their website, PayPal, and Google Pay, giving me a ‘kountSessionID is required’ error, and saying “our servers are struggling today”, I’ve given up.

It’s been a while since a website was so bad I’ve considered switching providers altogether. I’m done jumping through hoops.


Anyone else know how to resolve this? I’ve switched browsers, cleared my cookies - hell, I even went on incognito so there WERE no cookies to clear - and nothing. I’m getting tired of this. I just want to upgrade my phone and I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops and use cheat codes to figure out how.

1 reply

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Hi There! We are sorry to hear you are experiencing issues place an order online. Have you tried to place tis online order through the myCricket app?