Unable to Pay on Website

  • 27 January 2022
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Does Cricket just… Not like money? I’ve been fighting for an hour to upgrade my phone.


Between it continuously bouncing the amount I owe between $500 and $965, declining my credit card on their website, PayPal, and Google Pay, giving me a ‘kountSessionID is required’ error, and saying “our servers are struggling today”, I’ve given up.

It’s been a while since a website was so bad I’ve considered switching providers altogether. I’m done jumping through hoops.


Anyone else know how to resolve this? I’ve switched browsers, cleared my cookies - hell, I even went on incognito so there WERE no cookies to clear - and nothing. I’m getting tired of this. I just want to upgrade my phone and I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops and use cheat codes to figure out how.

3 replies

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Hi There! We are sorry to hear you are experiencing issues place an order online. Have you tried to place tis online order through the myCricket app?

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i keep trying to submit a payment for an upgraded phone and the page does not work right it keeps reloading the payment button page .. this is extremely frustrating.. what the heck is wrong with this payment portal ? I have tried paypal, I have tried google pay.. I need to get a replacement and your website is malfunctioning and not working!  what is the issue ? 


You should contact with support or facebook page they will absolutely reply you back within 24 hours.