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  • 15 December 2020
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I have been trying to upgrade three of the phones on my account. The website only allowed one phone in the cart at a time, so I went through the checkout process with the first phone. After that, the website would not allow me to check out with the second phone; I kept getting different messages about not being able to use that credit card (I tried multiple cards, and none worked), and also a generic “oops, something went wrong, please contact customer support.” When I chatted with customer service, they told me that I can only upgrade one phone at a time, and I have to receive and activate the first phone before ordering the second one. This is frustratingly slow, but I waited a week for the first phone to be delivered and I activated it. Then I tried again to complete the checkout process with the second phone. I still got the same error messages. Two more customer support people told me that I should just keep trying, or go to a Cricket store— neither could explain what was wrong with the online checkout or how to fix it. The nearest Cricket store is an hour away. Why can’t I upgrade online?


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We would like to look into this further for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue.

I did speak with someone on Facebook, and they recommended trying a different web browser, clearing my browser history, logging out of my account, and logging out of my wifi, none of which worked. I even tried a web browser I had never used before on an entirely different computer, which didn't work either. The representative told me I'd have to go to the store. This has been a lot of hassle for something that should be a simple online transaction, especially since I'm trying to spend several hundred dollars. It shouldn't be this difficult. 

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We cant upgrade our fourth family member. Looks like only three phones allowed per address. I get a notice weve reached our limit of phones allowed per address. We are a family of five, so two cant get new phones