Unhelpful Cricket Online Customer Service

  • 8 February 2021
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My son received a new phone for Christmas and saw that T-mobile and Cricket accepted his new phone for phone service, so he decided to use Cricket. We paid for his SIM card and monthly fee online and waited for the SIM card to be delivered via mail.

On the day that it came, he followed all online directions and we discovered that Cricket wanted us to pay more money. Since we had just paid everything only two days ago we weren’t going to pay more. So we called the customer support center and waited. Unlike other companies that call you back if the are lengthy wait times, Cricket does not have this feature, so we had to stay on the phone for over 19 minutes until someone could take our call. This person was “Mark”, who was working from his home Country of India. Now I personally have nothing against this, except that I feel that something got lost in translation between Mark and myself, because he told us that out new phone was not compatible with Cricket. Strange, since we checked all of that beforehand with the company website, and told him this information, otherwise we wouldn’t have bothered trying to get cellphone coverage with Cricket at all. He blabbed a bit, with absolutely nothing to say and my husband, being tired of his excuses and us knowing that Mark didn’t know what he was talking about/trying to pull a fast one on us demanded a refund. We were going to send back the SIM card to his company and just wanted a refund. Well, Mark didn’t want to do that and tried to give us weak reasons such as he couldn’t do online refunds, etc. My husband wasn’t having any of it. He is and IT Engineer and programs computers for a living. In fact the IT people call him when they cannot solve computer issues and he fixes those problems so he knew right away that Mark knew next to nothing about what he was talking about. My husband demand to speak to a supervisor. So we had to wait again for about 15 minutes or so for a supervisor/manager to chat with us. Needless to say, we tried telling them that we were not talking to them on the phone we were trying to activate but on another phone. They thought that there was some type of third party stuff going on, etc. And were trying to call the phone number of the phone that wasn’t activated. Now how can a person call a dead line, you ask? Well, you cannot. We tried telling them that the number they are calling does not work because the phone hasn’t been activated yet, but they would not listen to us. They just blabbered on to us about trying to call us back at a later time, etc. so we finally let them off of the hook and hung up on them. All of this interaction took about two hours so we were all quite tired at the end of this disaster. So now we are going to a Cricket retailer to ge a refund. Hopefully. Or else we will be seeking an attorney to sue Cricket for our money back and damages. Needless to say, my son was almost in tears and was extremely upset. He wanted this particular model of phone and now that he had it, it was just causing problems. I reassured him that anyone can get any model of cell phone that they want and that this wasn’t his fault. I Cricket didn’t support his phone, then is shouldn’t be put on the website that is does. This is all the fault of Cricket and a poorly trained support team.

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Hi @KKa ! We would like to look into this issue further for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue, the order number, and wireless number.

KKa I had the same experience tonight with horrible connections, thick accents and blabbering back because they couldn’t understand the problem.  What a waste of time.  I have never had an issue resolved with Cricket Customer Service.