Unlock my new iPhone SE

  • 6 June 2020
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Hi...just bought an Apple iPhone S E. But I didn't know it was locked with Straight talk. I only use Cricket.. How do I unlock this phone and maybe for free? Please help I love my new Iphone and I have a family plan on here already. I have been with Cricket for 6 years. Please help.
Thank you and stay safe

4 replies

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Hi @Starlalc Thanks for visiting the Forums. Unfortunately, we are not able to assist with this as we don't have access to unlocking devices from another carrier. We would advise you to reach out to StraightTalk if the device is locked to them, as they would be the only ways able to assist with unlocking this device.


I need my iPhone unlocked

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Hi @cindybalderas76 A device can be unlocked, once the requirements below are met:

1. The device you want to unlock has been active for at least six months of paid service on that device.

2. The device is designed for use on and is locked to Cricket's network.

3. The device has not been reported lost or stolen.

4. The device is not associated with a fraudulent account.


Once your device has met all the requirements above, you can unlock your device through the myCricket app, just be sure both the device and myCricket app is operating on the latest software. 


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