Unlocking Phone

  • 7 April 2019
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I have had cricket since December '09 and I bought an S9 along with the sim card. I wanted to have it unlocked so I could use it while traveling but,

1)There's no intl roaming in London

2)The phone is locked to cricket

So I spoke to the customer services and I was told that I need to be paying for an active service for 6 months (which is fair), but I just found out that despite having paid since Dec '18, I still have 177 days (half a year) left to unlock it. I occasionally put my sim onto my older phone and that seems to be the issue (according to cricket).

Is there any sensible rep from the company who can sort out my issue? 

1 reply

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I always wondered how this worked. I went to the UK last year and realized what a big deal it is not having a cell phone (I ended up Skyping).