Unresolved Billing and Shipping Issue With Online Purchases

  • 2 September 2019
  • 6 replies

When will Cricket update their online purchase options to allow their customers to enter separate shipping and billing addresses?

Many customers like me, have a shipping address that does not match their billing address!

We recently moved. And now I have to jump through hoops to get my recent purchase delivered to my current address! My Cricket Order is being delivered 60 minutes away to my old address, and there is nothing Cricket will do about it! I called, verified my information, and they are still refusing to update the shipping address for my order. They can see that the address for the order does not match the address on my account, but won’t update it to match. Until they fix their system, I don’t think I’ll be making anymore purchases.

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6 replies

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Hello @Wrapalee

We're sorry that you're having issues with your order. For security and fraud prevention purposes we require that the shipping address match the billing address on the card used for your order. You can use UPS MyChoice to have the package delivered to a UPS pickup location.

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my information is the same and correct and it still wont let me buy anything online or pay a bill online says addresses dont match but they do i checked


Because I have experienced delivery problems with online shopping more than once, I am now extremely cautious about it. It often happened that because of my inattention or because I ignored the fact that the reviews of this product are bad. Or the seller was a fraud, and we didn't get the goods to me. Or it even happened that my package was sent by mistake to the wrong address, or it was lost somewhere. But once I found out how to track speedpak, everything became much more straightforward. And now I can track my package at any time, and I will know where it is.


Yes, I receive a few reports of shipping delays each week. I'm assuming those people have common sense and are aware that pandemics and holiday shipping are outside of my control, which is probably more underreported. I recently order a sweatpants from this store and their shipping was remarkable.


You should always check return policies and their delivery policies. I will suggest also finding a better online cricket shop.


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