Upgrade/return fees om multiple line account?

  • 31 December 2018
  • 1 reply

Dissatisfied with customer service from cricket on my 3rd line on account. Cricket store in Houston, TX has taken advantage of the elderly (my mother) as far as charging of fees. I want refund of $25.00 for fee that should be $3 fee.

1 reply

Strap in friend... if you STAY with this bootleg messed up company... plan on being DISAPPOINTED A. LOT. I was here years ago... It has literally went from sugar to **bleep**. They find NEW and INVENTIVE ways of ROBBING us MORE while giving us LESS... It IS thee American way to do business now. AT&T GOBBLED up another little guy... 2 companies left before the 2 GIANTS are left. Red vs. Blue... Democrat vs. Republican... the age old power struggle continues... May gods have mercy on us all... smh.