• 3 June 2023
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Why is it that after being a responsible customer for so long, there are no discounts for upgrading your phone? They charge the amount they sell for everywhere. Not to mention, I haven’t upgraded once in three years. But new accounts get a $300.00 discount.

I understand new accounts are important but most of those new accounts are due to your current customers word of mouth.

Current customers and their history should account for something with upgrades, shouldn’t they?


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Hi @Iabckids 

Thanks for posting and sharing your feedback. We do our best to provide promotions for all of our customers and at the same time keep offering competitive monthly rate plans. Please, know that some promotions that are available when porting, are only available once per account when porting over. As an existing customer, you are eligible for upgrade discounts once every 365 days. To see upgrade pricing you can visit the link below, select the device you are interested in and then "Current" and "I am upgrading my phone".