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  • 13 July 2018
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The data usage view shows individual data transactions by date, but does not show summary of usage by month.

this is a very useful information, that gives customers the trend of their data usage and ultimately budget their data plan for future.



5 replies

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You can use the MyCricket app to view your total data usage for the month. 

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It is only for the current month. What about the past months?
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At this time there is not an option to view previous month usage.

So when WILL it be time to remedy this? Cricket puter can not Sum for a month only for a day??
Actually, what is worse, is that it doesn't need the ability to sum. Only to store then repeat. If you look at the fact that every single prior months usage was already summed up so that it could be viewed in those current months usage category numbers, then why is it impossible to access it? They have the prior months billing and payments history so there's no reason why it can't also show that final total right there in those same listings. But if they did that then, God forbid, we might notice a bit sooner that "wow, I'm wasting money since I NEVER get near my allotted data amount.

A little more transparency like that, showing that it's more important to keep the customer informed than to keep taking extra unnecessary money, may end up allowing for better customer retention and less carrier switches.

Just saying Cricket, get it together and show us your on our side as well, not just on your own.