Very rude and disrespectful

  • 28 June 2018
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I brought my number over from another company. I was told I could add insurance to my plan. Well after everything was done I couldn't add anything. This company is nothing but a liar and will say anything to get your money. I spoke with two supervisors who didn't care about what I was going through cause they already took my money.

4 replies

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Hello, we do offer BYOD to have Cricket protect as long as they are one our eligibility list. 

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The woman working at this particular Cricket Wireless store is extremely rude and simply does not care about customer service. I purchased a new phone and about 3 days later I returned it for a refund. First of all, she charged me for insurance. I clearly told her that I did not want insurance and I asked her why she charged me anyway after I told her that I did not want any kind of insurance? She aggressively insisted that "it's for the better". She made an unauthorized charge on my account which needless to say is unlawful. When I returned the phone and requested a full refund she stated that Cricket Wireless does not give refunds on insurance (which I did not authorize) and or the upgrade fee ($25) which I also paid. Above all of this, she was extremely rude and blatantly disrespectful. She said that is was rude of me to visit the store 7 minutes before closing. She abruptly and aggressively said, "Do you want to do the refund or not??! I can't be here much longer! I'm not allowed to do over time!" I was shocked and appalled. This was the absolute worse customer service experience I've ever been through in my entire life. I've been with Cricket Wireless exactly one year to this month and this experience is making me think it's time to part ways with my business elsewhere. What is remaining for my refund is a total of $32 ($25 upgrade fee, $7 insurance, which was charged unauthorized) and I would like a complete and full refund. What I went through at this Cricket Wireless store location was negligent, extremely stress inducing and abusive. I hope you can resolve this issue for me Cricket Wireless. Thank you.

Insurance why do we have it then cricket drops it that what we pay insurance for we have house insurance do they drop us no why cricket 😑😑😑😑😑😒😒😒😒😕😕😕

To the Moderator.

I had to buy 2 new phones when switching from t-mob. The exact same phones as we already had. We were told byod only covered phone cricket actially sold and since OURS WERENT on the list we had to buy new....the exact same phones!! We both have glitch issues. Its been less than a year but cricket refuses to honor a legit trade in. We were forced to buy hotspot when all we wantef was another sim card for a new line. My dd home schools thru an accelerated program. The sales agent said that using a line for the tablet outside of the home was impossible...even with it being cricket compatible. We needed a hotspot she said. She increased my dd plan no permission. She added the hotspot without permission. She then bailed on the phone call. We used the hotspot one time. 5 (FIVE) minutes into it it said we reached our limit and wouldnt work again even in a new pay cycle. We had to jerryrig usb cords....and universal extendors from the phone and the tablet to the modem to use the hotspot after it said no more. Crickets glitch but we werent compensated. Theres never any cohesion betwixt action to lip. They constantly change the things they can and cant do depending on their sales ratio. Its absolutely rare to get someone telling us tne truth and doesnt gain anything for it.