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  • 6 February 2020
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So I bought a Nokia Phone and a couple of months later it will not charge. I contacted the Warranty dept. and followed their instructions and was told 24 to 48 hrs for replacement. 48 hrs later no phone and I have called 5 times to be left on hold for over an hour, ... still on hold  tier 1 call center will not escalate me to the supervisor. They have hung up on me and just been plain rude. We have been with cricket for yrs. I cannot believe they won't do what they promised. The warranty agent keeps telling me it will be tomorrow in the meantime I am losing $$ due to their lies. How can we get through to supervisor? How can I contact Corporate to resolve this issue. I used to trust this company, not anymore


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3 replies

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Hello @5129397780! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We would like to look into this issue further for you. Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue.


I bought a new Cricket Brand Icon3 in the Hernando Ms Cricket Store. I was not aware of the fact that if there was an issue with the new phone it could be returned to the store, but only for 72 hours. Wtf So after it had been too long I start trying to figure out why is my phone showing ATT on the mobile data provider and my wife's phone shows cricket.  From June 20th not receiving service and additional mobile hotspot I purchased and set up on auto draft on a Cricket phone purchased from cricket. Hours upon hours wasted on the phone and waiting for return calls to no avail!!! Mind you that as screwed up as this is the phone sometimes works.... Sometimes!!!

Now to further inconvenience me these customer satisfaction oriented geniuses want me to take their defective phone to the UPS shipping location and have them box it up and send it off while now I'm completely without a phone. Brilliant!!! 

It's your defective phone and I'm your customer why not do what you should do; express mail me a replacement phone so I can remove my SIM card from the defective phone and place in my good Cricket replacement phone and be happy...

You remember satisfied happy customers or have you gotten so complacent that you lack any empathy for how this situation has already stressed me out. After 2 weeks of technical support trouble shooting and endless hours on hold it's still not resolved! Paid you good hard earned money for this.... Shame on you. And Rachel Operator 362511 you were no help at all. Get out of customer service... You don't have the right demeanor for the job!! 



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I filed a warranty claim. They told me if I sent my phone through UPS by 4pm I would get my replacement within two business days. I take my phone to the nearest UPS location by my job after my shift ends at 3pm. It's turned in at 3:25pm. What they failed to mention was that it was supposed to be done before Eastern Time. I live in Chicago, so I guess I ended up turning it in at 4:25pm. That was done Wednesday 11/16/2022. It's already 11/25/2022 and I still haven't gotten my replacement. It's been more than a week and there is no update on the website apart from saying the RA number was created. I got an email 3 days in a row, all at 2-3am saying it's being processed and that they'll send my replacement when thats done. What happened to the TWO days I was told?