Was it worth the headache?

  • 19 April 2021
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So I have been a Cricket customer for 7 days...and I already regret it!  I signed up my family and I on a Monday.  Bought 2 new phones.  Wanted to buy a third but it wasn’t in stock.  Had the kid order it.  Came in Thursday night.  Went in Friday to have it was supposed to be $400...tried to charge me $1200.  He ordered the wrong phone.  Tried to blame it on me.  Said if i wanted the $400 phone I would have to get it on line...but it would cost me $600.  I would now be considered an upgrade...7 days later it was an upgrade...even though I never bought one to begin with.  Called good ole customer service.  Sat on hold for 13 minutes.  Got hung up on.  Called back.  Waited on hold for 12 minutes.  Was on the phone for 40 minutes just for the guy to nicely tell me there was nothing he could do.  What kind of jacked up company is this?  Oh...and there aren’t any contracts...but don’t try and use the phones you just paid outright for.  They’re locked to Cricket for 6 months. thanks...back to Verizon I go.

3 replies

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We are very sorry to see you had this experience.  Within the first 7 days, the agent should have returned the device and reordered the right one.  If you are still needing assistance please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue.

No it's not worth the headaches stress and anger paying all that money for no service sucks been with cricket over 3 years and these past few months are making want to switch companies 


Every service has stories like this. I hope you were able to manage your emotions.