what is Gaynoninin on TikTok?

  • 26 August 2020
  • 4 replies

This trend of weird challenges is going crazy viral, where did it started from?  

4 replies

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This is so random! :womanlol:

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I've heard some rumors about this trend, but I couldn't get why people are so obsessed with it. Now, I came across your post and wanted to ask you what you know about it.The HALO 4 Remix sounds really impressive! The contest must have been a blast, and it's awesome to see the talent and creativity within the community.

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Oh, I remember that stuff from two years ago. Surprisingly TikTok hasn't changed a lot and there are still trends like that


It's probably another trend or meme that's making the rounds! TikTok is a whirlwind of creativity, and sometimes these things just pop up out of nowhere. Speaking of TikTok, have you ever thought about boosting your content with more likes? It's a great way to gain traction and visibility, especially when you're diving into these trending topics.