who is held responsible for a mistake made by Cricket's cust service??

  • 12 February 2021
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I called yesterday to report my 2nd line was stolen and or lost. I issued the phone # of the line that needed to be placed on a hold until we could figure out where the device was. The rep said not a problem asked me to hold, and hung up. I called back to make sure the issue was resolved rep said oh yes the line is on hold nothing else I needed to do. I drove to work. Now my phone is not working and is suspended. :rage: After ALL day of speaking back and for with Cricket. Getting hung up on. Yelling on my end because I needed my phone to do business that day they finally reactivated it. Within 2 hours I get back home, we go to local Cricket store and purchase a new phone because we now realize the other device is lost. They had NO problem reactivating the line and letting us buy a new phone. 20 min after walking out the door my line AGAIN gets disconnected. Cust service places me and the Cricket store employee on hold for over 30+ min for supervisor. Makes me get the 2nd device to talk on. I’ve issued every # off my device still will not turn it on. Said they have black listed the device. ALL DUE TO A CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE NOT LISTENING TO ME ON WHAT PHONE WAS LOST.:rage: Not my fault. I am missing work due to not having a phone. No one will issue me a way to get a complaint higher. They also told me they will not discount my bill for the line not working for another 3-5 business days (is what i was just quoted on a chat). I’m livid. I missed meetings yesterday. Today I’m missing work. I will continue to miss work until my phone is working. I want answers. I was solutions and to be honest I think Cricket owes me a new phone. So. There. Sigh. Angry Angry Customer . Also, I’ve been with Cricket since 2014? 2015? I would like this resolved. :expressionless:

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Hi @andreamcgill, we’re sorry to hear you had a poor experience with Cricket Customer Support. Please contact our Digital Care Team on Twitter @cricketsupport or on Facebook at if you need additional assistance. Thank you for allowing us to service your wireless needs for all these years. We appreciate your loyalty, and we’re here to help.:green_heart: