Why can't I see my MONTHLY TOTAL DATA USAGE (instead of each day's)?

  • 11 January 2019
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It's LAME that you don't total up each month's data usage, and make that available for us to see!

Instead, you show EACH DAY'S DATA USAGE for up to a month at a time.

This applies both to computer access and the myCricket app via a phone!

So, if we want to see what we're using a month, we are forced to manually total it ourselves?

Could it be that you fear that we might realize we don't need the data amount we are already paying for, and therefore would switch to a lesser (cheaper) plan?

5 replies

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Hello @UkeDog,

Please click the link below for instructions on viewing data usage.




On my Usage tab, there is NO way to see the MONTHLY TOTAL of any month!


Failing to report monthly data usage appears to be an attempt by Cricket to obfuscate that information. This is further supported by the inclusion of MB with each data point, which complicates totaling in a spreadsheet. 

This is just the kind of apparent manipulation that will cause me to switch providers. Shame on Cricket!

Don't know why my message didn't post earlier. Anyway... Mine shows the running total for the month on both the app and on the web.

You can see the running total for the current month ONLY, in "Usage Summary" at top.

This is semi-helpful, but only towards the end of the current month...

PROBLEM: You CANNOT see the total for any previous month!

Just try it.

1. Go to your Usage tab.

2. Under Usage History, select a previous month, for example (1/01/19 - 1/31/19)

3. Note that Usage Summary at the top does NOT update. Instead, you see only the usage for only the first 10 days of the selected month. Clicking "View More Data" only adds 10 more daily usage amounts. There is no total for that month. Often you can't even see the last days of that particular month!  In this case 1/29 - 1/31 for 2019!