Why is the customer support for cricket wireless so sub par?

  • 23 October 2020
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I noticed that Cricket Wireless does a slick move by scrubbing the internet of any google or other reviews.  Why is that? I called yesterday to inquire as to how another line on my account could change my PIN and I tried to speak to a manager yet was hung up on twice.  I finally started collecting names, Jorge, Michael and finally Carla who claimed to be a manager.  Carla provided less than acceptable support.  I asked her how I can file an official complaint and she said "You cant, Im the person in charge and there is no one above me".  I spent my morning investigating other carrier/plans and will be changing this month.  As well, I shared this experience with 4 others who were considering changing to Cricket.


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Hello @Organic! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. Cricket does not scrub or remove reviews of our customers. Please know that all lines on the account have equal access and can change any information on the account. There are no primary lines or any authorized users on the account. 

We are sorry to hear that you are thinking about leaving Cricket. We are happy to address in any concerns with you. Feel free to reach out our support team on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue.

I welcome everyone reading this to google cricket wireless and typically the google reviews would show up next to the results, correct. Yet once again your company bolsters the fact that they scrub the internet of any adverse reviews

Customer service is terrible.  The only way to reach anyone if you have a problem is thru the 800 number or the Facebook Cricket Wireless page.  Both are useless if you have a real problem like your number being ported.  There are no phone numbers available for Corporate headquarters.


I’m having a similar situation as Organic. A 5th person on my family plan failed to pay his bill so we requested to have him removed because if one person is late they will disconnect all lines. He went to the store requested a one time pin and changed my account, now I couldn’t get into my own account and supposedly he had been removed.  I changed the PIN number again and asked them to make a notation so this person cannot get into my account. I made a $25 payment towards my next bill and this person used my money to restore his account. He has 29 days to restore his account and stay in the plan even though you don’t want him on there. Now I’m out $25 and still having same issue. Cricket continues to supply him with a PIN number and he continues to change it.Today I’ve called 4 times spoke to 4 different people and they all hanged up on me. They will not let me speak to a manager. I asked to have our numbers changed as a courtesy and she said I need to get a police report, The police said if he’s not threatening me they could not help me.The rep also said he wasn’t harassing me. If he’s going into my account and changing my pin 6 times where I have no control of my account. He’s invading my privacy. I call that harassment. She also stated he could still get in even if I changed my number. Where’s the resolution to this? She could not refer to the previous times I called because there were no notations. Where do we get help?  How do we move forward. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks for your time.