• 1 May 2022
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Ok I've been a long time customer of cricket and because of the change to 5g, my Samsung galaxy note 9 only works if I switch the network to 3g only. Besides that I let a friend borrow my phone not knowing they were gonna check a sims card they received in the mail. Switching sins cards for a little while cut off my service to cricket. I finally figured out all that had happened and ordered a new sims card. Then cricket tells me I have to get ahold of t mobile to release my number back to cricket. I haven't had t mobile since 1999. I finally figured out where my number was transferred to and got all the information needed to switch my number back to cricket and I continue to receive emails asking for more information. What more do you need? I gave you the account number and who it is transferring from. Turn my phone back on. I haven't had this much problems since t mobile. Thats why I don't have them anymore!!!


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@Will623dad Hi there and thanks for reaching out to us via our Cricket Community Forum. Due to our recent network changes and our 3G shutdown, some BYOP Samsung devices have been impacted and deemed no longer compatible with our network due to HD Voice compatibility issues. For further assistance, be sure to reach out to us directly on Facebook ( or Twitter (@cricketsupport) for further assistance 👍 We look forward to hearing from you 💚