2 Questions, one about notifications and other about Wifi calling

  • 21 February 2019
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I own a One Plus 5T on Android 9 and I have 2 questions and figured I own one thread for me to ask, rather then multiple threads. 


1) Is is possible to change the notification sound on the Visual Voicemail app ?? Not when you go into the phone settings, but the app itself, I did change the notification from the phone settings but it did not work, I assume it only changes the sound for the call in voice message. 


2) I know and have read that WiFi calling is only available on certain Cricket owned devices. Is there a work around to be able to get it to work on other Android devices without Rooting ?? I don't get why Cricket would not want to allow this to work on all devices, it would lighten their overload on their system, seems to me. 


Thanks in advance

2 replies

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Hey there @DJB628! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. Unfortunately, there is no way to change the notification setting with the Visual Voicemail app. Also, we only offer Wi-Fi calling to the devices that are listed in the link below:


Thanks for the response.


It doesn't really answer the 2nd question in full, I knew the available Cricket devices, but is there a reason why they only offer it on Cricket devices and not BYOD ?? It would seem to me to makes sense to offer it on all devices to lighten the coverage on the Network.


Also can we suggest to to add the option of changing the notification sound with the VV app ?? Seems to me to be a simple addition ??