• 7 January 2022
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How in the world is someone on disability supposed to upgrade 4 phones to 5g phones? They cost way to much and to top it off just because we are customers we have to pay more than new customers do. So because some of us have been with cricket for over 10 years which with any other company would be a loyalty customer and would get extra benefits, we, on the other hand get screwed and will lose our plans and phones n probably numbers also because not everyone can afford new 5g phones. 4 of them at once anyway. Not with your prices for loyal customers! Plz explain how I'm supposed to upgrade 4 phones to 5g by next month??

2 replies

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Yeah didn't think anyone would have an answer to this. 

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@Jj502616 If you are using phones that are not compatible with VOLTE and they won’t work after next month, then Cricket is doing some promotions for those customers. My mother was able to get a phone replacement like this. You should have received a text message saying about this promotion, or telling you to visit a store or dial 611 to check out the promos. 


If you didn’t get a text saying your devices are not going to be compatible after next month, then you can keep using your phones. Good luck!