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  • 21 February 2021
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I was a long time att customer and switched when a cheaper plan came to town that happened to be related to att. I should have known it wasn't going to go well. Yesterday as I'm working away my Motorola G 7 started to act strange. First no texting then no internet and so on till I don't have anything usable on my phone. A phone I paid $200 for 5 months ago.  Do I called cricket today because they don't have customer service past 7 or some stupid thing. Anyway I get someone I could barely understand and she explains my phone has been phazed out. It is basically a dinosaur. No service will be available either my phone. I was shocked and asked how long did cricket know that the phone I bought would be placed out? He explained that updates and the 3g network had been planned on discontinuing for over a year that he knew of. I asked why they sold me a phone they knew would be useless in 6 months. They said because its a popular phone. I can not believe this! And no they will not give me a new phone to replace my discontinued one.  To make matters worse no discount either! I couldn't believe this shit!! So I called back and heard the same thing from you some other person I could barely understand.  The web site is still selling this phone!! Am I missing something? Who in the hell do I get ahold of to fix this? I'm in shock that a company in these times can and do sell you outdated products and then blame you for not seeing into the future! Cricket is the most misspelling company I have ever dealt with! Seriously wtf!

3 replies

No they are not! Not in our area! Get all the facts first before another lie comes out of your face or finger in this case 

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We are sorry to see this.  The devices are still going to work as long as no account changes are made, until February 2022.

This is a lie. I just purchased my phone Nov. 20th 2020. My phone acting up not able to receive calls but can make them. Other issues also. I called many times until they shut my phone off when I always pay on time. Just a click of the button they said. They are phasing out which I wasn't told this before I purchased two expensive phones. Also they said no matter what they will be good until Feb. 2022. That is a lie also. This sounds like a class action lawsuit again for them. I'm also going further with this because also no help or will they help with expenses for getting a new phone. Pay,pay,pay. This is a scam and during these times shouldn't be allowed either way.