Alcatel SmartFlip - emojis?

  • 12 February 2022
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Hello!  I have a new Alcatel SmartFlip phone on a different carrier.  Thought I would take a shot with this question in this forum.  I was surprised that I don’t seem to have the ability to send any emojis in texts - but I can receive them.  I found an app in the Kai Store (OS is KaiOS 2.5.2) that I could download some to my phone as pictures in my gallery, so I can attach them to texts, but I get charged for the text as a “multi-media” msg (twice as much as regular text) by my carrier - I have a pre-paid monthly plan.  When I receive texts with emoji in them, it’s only the regular text rate that I get charged, not the multi-media rate.  So my phone reads them as regular parts of texts when I receive them, but I can’t send them unless they are attachments at twice the price.  Seems odd to me.  Hard to believe I don’t have the ability built in to send any emoji at all.  

Don’t suppose anybody knows if this phone can somehow magically be able to send emoji as part of normal texting?



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I don’t think it’s possible if there is no emoji keyboard for the device, but you can always try using the “old school” way of emojis, like typing :) :P :D and it may show up correctly on the other end.