Anyone else have an LTE HD Voice Phone get line Suspended?

  • 26 January 2021
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After many happy years using cricket as 1 of my 2 Sims in many international phones that operate on the correct LTE bands and with all the latest features, cricket suspends my line if I use a completely compatible device that's not on their very limited list.  I figure there must be more people experiencing a similar issue recently as they suspend lines for "incompatible" phones, so I thought is post this. 

36 replies

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Welcome to the Community Forum! As of January 19, 2021, Cricket is no longer activate devices that customers bring to Cricket if the device is not HD Voice-capable or an LTE-capable data-only device compatible with the Cricket network. Some devices may be able to get 4G LTE data, but not be compatible for HD Voice with our network. You can check the compatibility tool below to ensure that the device is HD Voice compatible. Feel free to contact our Support Team on Twitter @cricketsupport or on Facebook at if you need additional assistance.

This is ridiculous. Before you bought a phone, you don’t know the IMEI.

And in this COVID-19 season, people paid more than 500$ buy a new smart phone with all LTE band work with AT&T NW.

Then you said it dose not compatible with you network.

And I cannot go back to my old phone, since it is not compatible one as you said.

But it just worked fine before I switch my phone.

Why cricket dose such thing to its customers???

Yep! I had that problem today. Had to go to the retail store to get it UN suspended. Took almost 2 hours!

I have 5 phones on my account and all of them have to be replaced before 2022. This in my opinion bites the big one enough to move my money & service somewhere else. Cricket + AT&T needs to step up on this and replace all my phones with compatible quality. All they offer is a NO FEE replacement at sale price. It’s BS!!

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Can you specify the LTE bands required and if the HD Voice requirement is only VOLTE on those bands? 

My current device that is being suspended is LTE and VOLTE on active cricket bands with my other SIM (dual sim phone) on AT&T which is the same network with no issues and operating on LTE.  It's my understanding that cricket operates on the LTE bands listed below.


B2 (1900 PCS)

B4 (1700/2100 AWS 1)

B17 (700 bc)

B30 (2300 WCS)



Here's my device network specs:


Here's my phone on VOLTE:



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In have 5 international phones, including a Xiaomi Note 9 Pro and Xiaomi Mix 2S.  So far, my Mix 2S was being suspended, but the Note 9 Pro is not being suspended.  I have a newer Huawei that's suspended, but an older one that is not being suspended, and another that I'm afraid to power up and find out.  All use cricket LTE bands and the ones that are being suspended have VoLTE or "HD Voice."

Good luck my friend.

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I am having the same issues. Every time I call they just run me around in circles. I’m not getting any help from them, and will move if this persists.

This is very annoying. The customer service help me reactivate for the first two time. The second one told me he activate my phone and after FEB 2022, my phone will not able to use in their network.

But after I upgraded and reboot my phone, I got inactivate yesterday.

I called to them again. The first one he didn’t want to help me. Then called again, she just hanged up my phone after run me around. After few hours, I called them, this time the guy checked for me and helped me activate my phone. But he also told me my phone will not be able to use in their network after Feb 2022. 

My phone meet all the technical standard of AT&T network with VoLTE. Just not in their limited list.

If they don’t update their list. They will lost a lots customers.

Good Luck!

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Got SMS from Cricket today.

Cricket Free Msg: Recently, your service was  suspended in error.We have applied a $10 credit to your account for the inconvenience.We value you as a Cricket customer and apologize for the error.


Hope Cricket dose not suspend me again.


The compatibility list is not adequate.  It doesn’t include newer phones.


Cricket suspended my account on a data only device today saying that it was not supported. I have a cheap netgear hotspot and a nicer netgear router that supports all the bands below. Since Cricket didn’t certify any routers, I apparently have to use an inferior hotspot if I want to continue to use Cricket. When I called about the suspension, I was first told they couldn’t eve locate my account and was told I’d be transferred to a supervisor. That transfer didn’t happen. I called back and received the explanation above. I was then “put on hold” which is Cricket code for hung up on. This is the first issue I’ve had with Cricket, but it is a fairly big one. They should not be suspending accounts claiming the devices won’t work without any notifications. This is ridiculous. 


Would someone from Cricket please tell me what Band my device needs that I don’t have? They are listed below and include all the ones from my cheaper netgear hotspot that “is compatible”. 

  • LTE Support : Built in 4G LTE Modem. LTE Category 18, capable of up to 1.2 Gbps. 4G LTE Band (LTE FDD): B2,4,5,7,12,13,14,17,25,26,29,30,66,71. 4G Band (LTE-TDD): B41. 3G Band: B1,4,5


I have been extremely frustrated with this entire process!  I had 2 Xiaomi phones on Cricket for nearly 2 years with absolutely zero issues! I had a Mi A3 and a Mi 9.  The A3 was my sons phone which he broke, so I was going to buy myself a new Xiaomi phone a Mi 10t 5g and give him my Mi 9. 

What is my biggest issue with all of this is that I called Cricket last week and explained that I was planning to purchase a Mi 10 and specifically asked if that phone was compatible.  Of course they could not answer my question because I did not have the IMEI number… which who does have that before you purchase a phone!? They could not tell me if the Mi 10 was blacklisted or not… the customer service simply told me if it is a GSM phone it should work with no issues. I also knew that I had 2 Xiaomi phones currently working perfectly on Cricket so I took the leap and purchased the Mi 10t 5g phone.  

I got my Mi 10t 5g phone all setup with my sim card installed with no issues!  I even went into settings and activated VOLTE and the phone was getting great 4g LTE coverage.  After about 1 hour of using the phone I got the notification that my phone was deactivated and not compatible.  In the meantime, I also setup my Mi 9 for my son and the very same thing happened to him. Not compatible…  Although this phone had been registered on the Cricket network for nearly 2 years!! 

I was furious! Furious because I called to ask if I was making the “right” purchasing decision.  

So I began to put my IMEI number into other network websites to see if my phones were compatible and YES! Mint Mobile said yes…  Hello Mobile said yes!  But Cricket says NO! So now I have a $5 - 7 day “test” card coming from Mint Mobile to test coverage in my Xiaomi phones! Oh by the way, they even have 5g coverage that will work with my new Mi 10t 5g phone! 

Thank you Cricket for pushing me away and giving me wrong advice! 

You are not alone.  This happened to me also yesterday.  When I chatted with a representative this morning, they reinstated my line, but told me that if I took my SIM out and put it in again, it would happen again.  When I asked who I could contact to let them know that suspending the account was bad corporate policy, they directed me to this forum.  I don’t know if anyone from Cricket will ever even see this post, but I wanted to let them know that:

  1. Suspending accounts is the WRONG way to go about making sure phones are updated to meet requirements.
  2. Their assessment of phone capabilities is wrong
  3. Even if the phone were not capable, it would still work until 2022, so notifying of the 2022 change would be sufficient - there is NO NEED FOR SUSPENSION.
  4. This policy makes me (a long-time Cricket Wireless customer) want to switch to another carrier.  I’m looking in to it now.

I switched from an old phone without the proper capability to a new phone that would meet the new requirements.  I’m starting to think that the line was suspended just because I used an outside source to get the phone and they didn’t get their markup/ commission and activation fee.  Even if this isn’t the case, SUSPENDING A LINE, ESPECIALLY WITHOUT ADVANCED NOTICE IS POOR BUSINESS PRACTICE and will lose Cricket customers.


Well thanks to the moronic policies of Cricket who suspended my account even though I have FULL COMPATIBILITY with VOLTE (HD VOICE) I have now switched my service over to Mint Mobile. I am too busy to argue with “Peggy” or whoever is answering their phones overseas and clearly reading a scripted response while doing nothing to get my phone turned back on.


WTF were you all thinking? Smartphones with Internet are no longer a luxury, but a must have. And after getting no help from your customer service (suggesting my only option was to buy a phone from your tiny list of “supported phones”) and spending 20 minutes on the line with them, I took my money elsewhere. 

I was surprised to see that with Mint my Bold N1 gets over 2.5X the 4G LTE speeds at Cricket and the same amount of Data for about 40% less money. 

You need to do your research, think about how this will affect people, and for crying out loud expand that paltry list of supported devices. Not everyone wants a top of the line flagship or a crappy Cricket phone.

Its like as if Cricket was like Nah…… We don't want or need your money, and we don't care that you have been a loyal customer for over a decade, and we don't care that you don't have phone service now. LoL!


Good to see my post from 9 days ago has had no response from Cricket!



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Today I ported over 2 of my numbers, which closed my cricket account and now I am trying out metro and mint mobile for my 5 lines.  I've tried here, customer service on the phone, and customer support on Facebook that they keep suggesting here, and none of them can answer the question I proposed here.  All of them are 3rd party contracted support that do not know and cannot help.  ... And you know Good and well Marlene was notified from my above post, that's why I @user name on my message.  There is no cricket support!  They don't freakin exist.  It's a shame from a business perspective, because it's a perfect fit to a large market share.  Good luck everyone!

I am having the same issues. Every time I call they just run me around in circles. I’m not getting any help from them, and will move if this persists.

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I just got 4 free phones and 4 lines unlimited on Metro for $100 a month.  I did have to pay for the sales tax and the first month up front.  They also had to add insurance, but the sales guy at the store let me know I could cancel online and now it shows a credit for the first month that I did pay at the store.  To get 4 free phones (oneplus nord 10s on 5g & 100s) I ported 2 numbers and then 2 new lines.  No time obligation for the phones, but they won't unlock them for other networks for 180 days.  You can't just move around SIM cards as easy on Metro.  Unfortunately, their customer service is also ran by 3rd party as well, but they're more polite. 

I also ordered 2 - 7 days trial SIMs for Mint mobile from Amazon for 99¢ each on sale and activated 1 to test it out and it works really well.  Mint can be really cheap if you pay for multiple months at a time.  You can move around SIMs on Mint whenever you want.  I'm activating a 4gb plan for my grandpa that uses no data to save a little on that line. 

Both services are T-Mobile network, so service quality is subject to you area as with any provider.  Both also recognize international phones and have a superior compatibility tool. 


Anyone else find a good alternative?




My daughter had her line suspended Sunday for the same reason. Have been through hell wit customer service trying to get it resolved. Cricket never communicated the changes to their customers. They told me I should have received a text, never did. Then they said it changes have been in the news and on many websites for a long time. Why would a budget carrier only support premium phones with HD voice?Unbelievable! I think this is the end of the line for me with Cricket.

so it happened to me as well. my phone screen broke. So I thought I will quickly change to sim to my old phone. And boom the service got suspended.


on the imei checker tool,  it say cricket support any phone which was not purchased from criket. 

for example, LG G8x which is top of the line phone not supported.

but a cheap LG stylo phone which I had brought from cricket in 2017 is supported on their ”5G” network. so it is mostly a tactic to let user buy phones from their stores. 

My Bold N1 was running low on storage space so I installed a SD card. This required me to move the sim card over one slot. Bam! The next day my account was suspended. Spent about 15 minutes on the phone with Cricket customer service (sounds like its in India) with zero help or satisfaction.

MY PHONE SUPPORTS HD VOICE OR VOLTE (whatever you choose to call it) and 4G LTE on your bands I am too busy for another 20-30 min phone call to customer service with some hack I can barely understand following a script overseas telling me I need to buy a new phone when this one worked fine yesterday and you never bothered to add it to your list of compatible devices.

Sadly after being a loyal Cricket customer for close to 10 years I will be switching to Mint Mobile and will also be saving some money with them thanks to your incredible idiocy and lack of business sense.



I am a educated professional and have never seen such poor decision making by a company as large as AT&T and Cricket !!!!



Yes. The same problem of a suspended account. I've had cricket for years…

I changed to a different unlocked cell about 7months ago... Today, my cell fell and the screen cracked. No problem, I think, I'll just go back to my previous cell. I placed my SIM in my previous phone and that's when the "circus" began for me.… Service suspended!

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I have experienced one of my lines being suspended using a compatible phone, also while under Executive Order 18-276 State of Emergency due to Hurricane Michael. The same device had been in active service for nearly two years and I had been a Cricket customer for 4 years when the device was suspended. A customer even before there was a Cricket Wireless store within the state of Florida. All because I used my devices hotspot while under a state of emergency after customer service hours of operation whereas I could not pay the $10 fee for hotspot use. And yes, my then current device could use the hotspot without Cricket Wireless activation. Although I was more than willing to pay the $10, that line of service was suspended before 8am the next morning and was not negotiable once Cricket opened for business that next morning. 

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jc057066, I completely agree. Cricket Wireless' operating procedures are causing long time customers, such as myself and others I know, reevaluate our options as to which carrier we use in the very near future. I am in the process of relocating to a different state and it's also time for me to purchase 4 new 5G phones for my current group plan. This is a big expense, and I am willing to try a different carrier because of how the customer service satisfaction rating of Cricket Wireless has declined so.


The only way we have any chance of fighting this ridiculousness is to file a complaint with the FCC

Cricket (ATT) are trying to force consumers to buy “approved” phones from them even if you already have a device that supports all their LTE bands (“HD Voice”) By limiting the use of public cell frequencies and towers they are open to fines and class action and trying to force people into buying a new phone is just wrong, especially when there are thousands of compatible phones which do not appear on their very short list

Yep! I had that problem today. Had to go to the retail store to get it UN suspended. Took almost 2 hours!

I have 5 phones on my account and all of them have to be replaced before 2022. This in my opinion bites the big one enough to move my money & service somewhere else. Cricket + AT&T needs to step up on this and replace all my phones with compatible quality. All they offer is a NO FEE replacement at sale price. It’s BS!!

They told us they would only un suspended them for a couple of days for us to get a new phone.... 

I am having the same issue!!!  I woke this morning saying my account was suspended!  I've been on the phone with customer service for over 3 hours and have been hung up on several times.... 

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I had my phone unsuspended the first time and it worked until I rebooted it that night and when it registered with the network on power up, it went suspended again.  I understand some phones will not work when the change happens and they need to communicate that clearly, but why are they interrupting service now on up to date accounts and forcing people to buy new phones immediately, especially since they can't determine if the phone is actually compatible, only if it's on their list?!?  I have phones sitting around, but that's not the case for most people and many people are struggling with finances now.  

My account suspended too without prior notice. I called the customer rep twice and was given two different solutions. The first rep said she re-activated my service so it should work fine now but it didn't do so. The second rep told me that all I need to do is go to the store and get a new SIM card but thankfully he brought my service back. So I went to the store, they said my phone is not compatible, I need to buy a new phone from Cricket store. I own the latest 4G LTE phone  Xiomi Mi note 10   which costed me more than $500 and they tell me I can't use my phone. I am so annoyed with cricket and don't have the patience to do through their BS. I guess I have no choice but to change my phone carrier.