Anyone else sick of Crickets run-around?

  • 4 September 2018
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I'm a new customer, ( 3 days ) and am going to switch to Verizon! Sick of Crickets non-existent "customer service" SO DISSAPOINTED !

4 replies

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Hello @csteven,

We're sorry to see that you're having issues. Please reach out to us on Facebook ( or twitter (@Cricketsupport) so we can help. 

I have been with cricket for over a year, after leaving att for charging me for two lines when I onl had one, and I have not had one problem with cricket. Maybe you should stick with it a bit longer than 3 days. Give it a chance, I’m sure you’ll love it

I have to agree I've been with cricket over 3 years and these past few months are making me want to switch companies. I have no signal every 2 to 3 mins that last over a minute to get signal therefore I can't make or receive calls reply or send text messages I suffer from anxiety depression and panic attacks you know how hard it is to have to pay all that money for no service very unhappy customers have the family plan not a very reliable company and not a satisfied customer of over 3 years 

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