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  • 13 August 2021
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Can someone tell me the different apn settings for cricket I have one apn on my phone that it's never connected to the internet I found another cricket apn on Google and the connection was perfect fast and reliable but I restarted my network settings and I thought that the perfect apn was still gonna be there and it wasn't and I didn't even write it down.if someone can tell me different apns I may find the reliable one.i talked to customer service and he told me about the same apn that I have with my phone and he said that that's the only one for Nokia phone but like I already said I had a second apn that was amazing connection.please help I don't have any internet for the last 2 months I'm gonna change the company if I this goes on for a week more.Thanks in advance for the help!!!

2 replies

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Hello @dv090206! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. You can see Cricket’s APN settings by following the link below:


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That's the apn I have on my phone and it's never working internet.The one I found online and I lost it was different it was with cricket wireless and the apn name was not ndo it was something else thank u for helping me!