AT&T Unlocked GSM LG G3 D850 Smartphone

  • 5 January 2019
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I have Cricket Wireless and the AT&T apps on my phone are such a nuisance. Is there a way to remove all the AT&T apps and replace with all Cricket Wireless apps. As an example, when my phone starts up, I'd like to see Cricket Wireless instead of AT&T. Thank you in advance.


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2 replies

Thank you, bm188u. I was able to disable several apps and forcestop a few. I also removed all permissions for AT&T apps. The phone works much better now. 🙂
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Hello @chormy,

Thank you for your post. You may be able to uninstall or disable some apps on the device. Others are programmed into the software. To uninstall or disable an app just press and hold the app icon and drag it to the trash or go to the settings and app manager.