Bad customer service

On 5-4-21 ordered a Influence phone to replace my Alcatel Insight that I had crushed screen Received the Influence at 8:30 next night .Loved the phone but it didn’t show any bars .Checked the sim and I was getting  -116 to -119 dBm reading -120 being  zero bars and -60 being 5 bars. Put the Sim back in old phone 3 bars and 4G service on the average . I have now put a App in the old phone and over a 5 minute period I will  get from -100 to -50 dBm  I’m .4 miles from a tower .Tried all the help files on Cricket . Called at 8:00 AM my time was on the phone or waiting untiled 7:45 PM that night when they finality decided that the phone was bad  11 hours and 45 Minutes .I wanted to exchange it for another Influence .But no they took it and my $25 set up fee under their 7 day return plan. I’m  a fairly new customer my first Cricket phone I bought off a rack . 2005 got one at the Cricket store.

 Liked the phone enough that I  was going to reorder it ,Went to site and it is listed now as a upgrade on my account and they want me to pick a plan also. No matter where you go on site you wind up with the 1-800-Cricket # geared to sell . Got a sales person with a name .I must admit great computer program. Explained my problem and that I was thinking of going to the Samsung Galaxy A11 which seemed to have better reviews. the computer program said I could get either one at the full upgrade  price .

  Now I go to my site and I’m locked to a Alcatel Insight upgrade and a new plan.

I still have 7 days on my old plan .I would hate to leave Cricket they where always a 5 star until this .And their answering people with their cute little icon just doesn’t make it anymore.

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