Battery dieing quicker after switching to cricket

  • 10 April 2019
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So I don't know if this is happening to anyone else but I switched to cricket about 2 weeks ago . Since then my phone that I brought with me has been getting really hot and the battery is dieing way faster than normal. I used to be able to make it to at least 12:30 pm with 62%. Now I'm plugging in my phone every 25 minutes because it's dieing so fast... Help??

6 replies

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Hello @Kikideepoz

Thanks for your post! If you're having battery issues we recommend checking your settings to see which app or apps are using up the highest percentage of battery. Once you know which app is draining your battery you can uninstall it or make sure it is closed when not in use. 

It's because someone else has remote access to your phone and it's probably one of the apps that you cannot uninstall and it won't let you disable

Just switched my wife’s iPhone 6s Plus from att to cricket. Battery drain on messenger is ridiculous. She was getting a day and a half on a battery with att, now she only gets about 2 hours if texting.  Called the Cricket store and was told has to be a coincidence and that the phone is 3 years old and that is normal for battery.  My question, Why such a change in one day? I’m not a believer in coincidence and will be looking for another carrier.

I just switched my wife’s iPhone 6sPlus from ATT to Cricket and the battery drain when she is texting is ridiculous. Battery used to last 1.5 days, now next day after switching, only lasts about two hours if texting. Cricket store says phone is over 3 years old and that is normal and just a coincidence about switching carriers. I don’t believe in coincidence and battery life doesn’t change like this in one day.  Plan to switch to another carrier.  Very disappointed.

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That sounds like it is a coincidence, or maybe an update on the phone that may be draining the battery. Cricket is not running anything on your battery for it to drain faster than it did with AT&T, so it should definitely be your device app or software. Keep in mind, usually, iPhones can have a temporary battery drain when there's a new update until it's patched. 

I have a 6s and switched yesterday and the same thing is happening. I know my battery health is poor, but it diminished significantly after the switch yesterday.