BEWARE of 5g upgrade

  • 8 December 2021
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I love Cricket- left once and came back. I pay for 7 (SEVEN) lines!! I am very frustrated right now, I have never turned anyone into the BBB but I am thinking on this.

My phone broke, placed my SIMS in another phone. My phoneline was suspend for “not being 5G”. Okay, go to local store- “we are waiving upgrade fee”, okay. We leave the store. My son gets a  call from same store stating that my account is eligible for a free phone upgrade, come back and pick out the phone, will only need to pay taxes.

Myself and my son go to the store, my son (who had removed his SIMS card the day before) picks out and obtains his 5g phone.

I pick out phones for the other 2 lines that need upgraded. They are not ringing up as free, so I choose the other one. They have to order them, okay. Still no phone service. They will call “ tomorrow or next day, we will call you when they come in”.

Four days later, I call to check. Oh yeah, they are here, they came in yesterday, sorry nobody called you.

Go to the store, the phones are still ringing up full price. “ we will send a ticket in”.

Call 611, we can activate your phone until we get the situation taken care of. Phone reactivated.

Next day, service suspended. Call the store- thinking they activated the phone. NO, call corporate.

Call 611, they tell me that BECAUSE I REMOVED THE SIMS CARD - the phone is not free. WHAT?!?!

My son removed his SIM card= free phone

The other line HAS NOT EVER removed his sim card= NOT FREE

My phone= not free (they say because I removed  the sims)

This does not make sense to me at all. The lines where suppose to be suspended in FEB 2022- all the messages I have been getting. NO WHERE DOES IT SAY- if you remove your sims you will have no service!!!

I am very upset, CRICKET said I was able to get the 3 phones free- now says I can’t and I have paid for services THAT THEY ARE NOT PROVIDING! 

When I ask who I need to speak to, I am told nobody- “IT’S THE SYSTEM”

I am so frustrate- I have been with cricket since the beginning and this is how they treat their long term clients who have sent them a lot of business and RAVE reviews!!!!

When I asked for credit on my next bill for the service I paid for and am not receiving- I was told NO.



1 reply

I too been put on 5G plan.. And have to say not happy with it at all.. My internet speed has gone way down compared to 4g.. If I could go back to 4g, I would in a heartbeat.