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  • 16 October 2018
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I really need to know what Blackberry phones work on Cricket. I can't get an answer out of anybody. I heard they stopped supporting Blackberry 10 and then I heard if it's an unlocked ATT phone it will work and then I heard some functions may not work. 

8 replies

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Thank you for visiting and posting on the Cricket Community Forum! If the Blackberry device is unlocked and GSM compatible you can use it on our network. The feature Mobile HotSpot will not be compatible with the Blackberry device on our network, but if yo don't need to add that extra feature then the device will work on our network.

Thank you and I don;t need a hotspot.  I have heard rumors that SMS doesn't work and only MMS.  Do you you know if this is true?

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@Boolala5 You're welcome! I have not heard of anyone having issues with the SMS,  but if this does happen we can always open a case and have our tech team look further into this for you. If the device worked perfectly with AT&T then it should work with Cricket.

That's awesome. Thank you very much. 

I'm currently using a Blackberry KEYone and it works just fine. No problems at all. The hotspot used to work great but now that Cricket changed their hotspot plans it does not. Hopefully we will get hotspot access soon.
The hotspot used to work just fine before the change to the plan. Will blackberry be added back to the list of eligible phones in the near future?

Unfortunately, the texting issues that has been plaguing Blackberry Keyone and Key2 users on other networks is also an issue on Cricket. The first thing they will tell you is to get a new SIM card. If your SIM card is relatively new, this will not resolve your issue. 

From the research I have done (and because I own a Key2), you have two options. 

#1 - Install Textra as your texting app. It is a pretty good work-around regarding SMS and MMS text messaging services. It may not fix all of your issues, but it's pretty slick in a pinch.

#2 - You need to get a hold of tech support and tell them they need to provide CDMA-less provisioning for your phone. If they are able to do this, you should have no issues. Now, the trick will be getting someone on the line who will be able to get this done for you. I'm not sure if there are only a limited number of techs who know what this is...or if they just don't like doing it. It really is as simple as activating a feature on your plan. But, that doesn't mean it will be easy. 

I use my Key2 all of the time and with the work-around for texting, life is good. 

Hope this helps!


just added a NOS 3g blackberry. to the cricket network last week. sms, mms, group mail all works. Heck it even does youtube.  To my amazement the 3g surfing is surprising perky. Remember no BIS account means no integrated email... sigh...

A big yes to semi vintage OS7 phones.