Blizzard doesn't accept Cricket Wireless??

  • 13 June 2021
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I know someone asked this, but that post hasn’t been touched in months. Is there any fix to this problem? Blizzard support told me that there is a code on our phone numbers that makes their system reject our number. They are saying that the only way we can bypass this is if we get new numbers and they cannot do anything at all on their end. Has there been any updates to this problem?

4 replies

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I haven’t accessed my Blizzard account in years, but I do remember a friend that recently had issues with using his Boost mobile number for account verification with blizzard, so it looks like it may be a policy with Blizzard and not accepting prepaid numbers maybe.

I do use my Cricket number for 2FA on all my banking, and any account that allows it with no issues, tho.


Blizzard is always special ...


This is BS. My sons account works fine but my daughter’s doesn’t and they are under the same account. Blizzard must have some BS list of “voip” numbers they ban. They need to get their stuff in order. 


Its only the start. Word is the new Call of Duty will feature the same SMS protect. Blizzard says pre-paid phone or VOIP plans such as Cricket won’t work. I’ve heard Mint mobile works though. Cricket needs to be proactive or they will lose substantial market share if more games do this.

Overwatch 1 was my all-time favorite game and the only reason I can play Overwatch 2 is because I was already linked to a Battlenet account. My step-son was excited to play with me but there is no way for him to because he is new. If I couldn't play OW2 you can bet I would have changed phone plans.