Buying cricket phone from Walmart

  • 18 July 2019
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Hello.. I am an existing customer now for years using cricket wireless. I just saw a new "Cricket Moto G6" phone on sale at Walmart.
Question : Can I just buy this phone from Walmart and take my existing Cricket Sim card from my current Alcatel Idol 3 phone and activate the new Cricket Moto G6 phone ? Or do I need another Sim card from Cricket or Walmart? Would be nice to avoid the $25 fee from cricket. Also the fact the new Walmart phone says "Cricket Moto G6" would that cause a problem? Thank you so much for your help.

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@PCman we would be happy to answer your question today. If you purchase the device from Walmart you can insert your old sim card in it if it is compatible with the sim you already have. If you need a different sim then that is when you will have to enter a local Cricket store to activate the new sim card with your number.

Hi finally did buy that Motorola Moto 6 cricket phone from Walmart.
Everything installed and used the included new simm card.
Called Cricket support to enable new simm card, but now the phone will not dial out. Gets calls fine, data, internet and texting works. I can receive calls, but cannot call out.
Called cricket support 2 times and tried everything, remove simm card, refresh on their end. Two hours and no go.
They submitted a service request and I got a call 3 hours later, a saying it may be 2 to 3 days before they can get back to me.
Wow!! Thanks Cricket Support..
So thought I'd try here and see if anyone has a suggestion.?
Again everything works, except can't call out..
Any ideas or Help.. Really appreciated..