Call audio is just a bunch of digital noise

  • 28 June 2019
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This is a complaint about recent call quality issues.  We have three cricket cell phone lines on three different Android phones.  All three have had this problem.  We go to make a call and all you hear is digital noise.  You cannot make out any words or any other sounds, though there are pauses in the noise where there is little to no sound.  If we reboot the phone, or switch airplane mode on/off the problem seems to go away. It really seems like a network/tower problem.  How do I report this problem as there are no support areas for call quality issues?  We have been using Cricket for at least 2 years, and this problem has just started within the last few weeks.

3 replies

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@_AW  We would be happy to help! Please reach out to our support team on Facebook ( or twitter (@cricketsupport) with the details of your issue.

Well maybe if you fix the dam problem than people will hit the Kudos Button. Now where is the thumbs down button? Luckily for Cricket this doesn't exist. I can not call international to my own girlfriend. Its like talking through a wall. Very muffled. You have tried to fix this problem for 6 months now and tried everything but shutting off your dumb compression package STREAMCRAP. ITs the compression packets that you use that cause this problem. Do you have a contract with someone that makes your employees anti turning this BS off? This is pathetic. I'll take my 4 phone lines and find a more reliable company where you can actually make phone calls to people without sounding extremely low or muffled. $15/mo to call people and not be able to hear them. Makes sense? Of course not. I would like someone to call me back because I am so sick and tired of calling cricket india and not even understand what they are saying and the line is crystal clear. No problem calling India of course. SMH. 267-753-5220. Make it snappy Roggie and don't bother writing brack in you are just going to give me the same run around you gave the lady above. 

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@aubsdaddy I would recommend taking a different approach to your complaint. This being a forum it is a place to ask questions and offer assistance to others. The moderators jump in when they need to but it's mainly for back and forth from other forum members. I also wouldn't be in a rush to help you if I were them when you make a post like this. Anyway, people seem to have success reaching out to their social media profiles if they have a specific issue that needs to be addressed. Good luck!