Can an "unsupported" phone be provisioned an HD Voice phone anyway?

  • 6 February 2021
  • 2 replies

It seems that if Cricket doesn’t detect a phone as an “HD Voice” (VoLTE) phone, they won’t provision it as such.  Correct?

Their list says that they are “adding new phones everyday.”

If the phone does support VoLTE but isn’t on their list, can Cricket flip a switch and provision it as an HD Voice phone anyway?  Even though it’s not on the list?

2 replies

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I'm not sure what their process is, but my phones were VoLTE and operating on the active cricket LTE bands and they're not on their list.  I have one of the same phone's (dual sim) on AT&T (same company & network) and they have no issue.  All of my phone's are recognized on T-Mobile and several other companies compatibility tools, so I switched to Metro with no issues, unlimited, and better data speeds.

Thanks for the tip on switching to Metro. I have found that I have two phones that is not on their list however each of them has LTE capability. One is a samsung S7 and the other is a samsung J7, but the IMEI does not show as supported in the whitelist. I guess they will be losing my business because I am not purchasing two phones to replace two that are perfectly fine and functioning.