Can't receive or send MMS messages

  • 2 August 2019
  • 9 replies

All mms messages are coming in as unknown message from unknown sender with no content. Just started this morning on my Motor G5 plus. Using default messages or Textra doesn't change anything.

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9 replies

Check your default messaging app. On Android Messages. ... Update your Google Fi app. In general, we recommend keeping all of your phone's apps up to date. ... Make sure you're using a valid phone number with the correct format. ... Check if your contact is using an iPhone. ... Restart your phone.Onmovies

I also encounter this problem about a year ago and I searched the Internet. People argued that it could be the messages being crashing, which may result from iOS system glitches, iOS system bugs. They recommended this iOS system repair tool to fix the iOS system, thus removing bugs and glitches. finally, my problem is indeed surprisingly solved.  

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@mmmbuji This was a wide-spread issue yesterday. It's been resolved tho. If you're still having problems with mms messages, just restart your phone. That should fix it.

I'm having the same issue on my Galaxy A6.  I tried calling the Message Center but got an automatic voice message that said it couldn't go through.  Anybody get this figured out yet?

Same thing on a note9

Same here on an iPhone 8 plus

Same here on a XS Max. Cricket is really failing lately.

I am encountering the same problem. When I send a MMS it comes through as an Anonymous number and a hidden message. And if someone sends me a MMS like a group text that is the respnse I get too.

I tried posting something similar, but it hasn't gone through.

For me, sending MMS doesn't work, but I can receive them, if it's from someone on a different carrier.