can't set up voicemail on LG escape plus

  • 10 December 2022
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I can’t set up voicemail. When I call voicemail it says my voicemail isn’t set up. When I go into setup voicemail through settings it asks for my voicemail number which shows as a totally different number. But if I enter that totally different number, it tells me there is no mailbox for that number. If I enter my actual phone number, it tells me there’s no mailbox for that number either.


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4 replies


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If this issue is resolved, where is the solution?  Shouldn’t it be posted here?


My voice mail had never been set up.  When I tried to set it up the first time, I got as far as long-pressing ‘1’.  Instead of instructions, I got something like Your voice mail is not setup, Goodbye.

This was resolved when the Cricket Support person reset my password (I did not know I had one).  I restarted my phone and was able to set up voice mail.

Maybe Cricket can pass this info along to the rest of their support team, including the guys at the Cricket 

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Hello @jambeas! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We are happy to assist you with your voicemail issue. To get started, we ask that you please DM us @CricketSupport 👍