Clock keeps giving the wrong time

  • 25 March 2022
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Okay so my phone's been fine up until this last software update, and the time change. Now in order to get my phone to display the correct time I have to restart my phone multiple times a day because it'll randomly go back an hour and I never know when it happens. And in my clock app it'll automatically add a home option under the time that says +1 hour. It's really messing up my alarms and things I have in my calendar. How can I fix it please? 


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3 replies

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Thanks for commenting on the Community Forum! 

We can totally see how this could certainly be frustrating, we’ll need to know what sort of device you’re using to best assist. Please provide your device model. 😊


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Hi, and thank you for responding:-) My device is a moto g power. 


I am having the same issue.  It has happened on 4 different phones, all androids.  My first phone it happened on was Cricket Influence.  I originally thought maybe it was the phone since I noticed other issues so got me a new phone, Moto G Stylus 5G.  It was working fine for a bit but then started doing the same thing again.  I used depend on my phone for alarms.  This has caused me to be an hour late for work.  Then my daughters phone started doing it as well, causing her to be late to work.  She does not live in the same house as me.  I dont recall what her phone was originally but she also got a new phone due to other issues.  She now has Moto G Stylus.  So far the only phone on my account not having issues is iPhone.   Is this a Cricket issue or Android issue?  I have been around other people with Androids who have not encountered the same issue.