• 4 November 2022
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After purchasing a brand new flagship phone, the pixel 6a from Google it does not work with cricket yet other pixel 6a's do. I'm starting this conversation to help bring to light the terrible dev team behind cricket for being incompetent and lacking in keeping up with current technology. I'm not talking just about their phone compatibility, I'm also talking about their website and phone app being absolutely terrible, seeming like they are 10 years behind all other carriers in terms of user friendliness. They also will do nothing about the spam you get when creating a new line with a new number instead telling you to pay 15 dollars to get a new number. Their predatory ways of telling my me phone won't work, and that I need to buy one of their phones(which are dumbed down, bloat ware riddin piles of ....) Is highly predatory and unacceptable. End rant.


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Hi @BeardedSnorlaxx and welcome to the Community Forum. Your Google Pixel 6a should be compatible with our network, as it is listed on our BYOD Compatibility list: Feel free to send us a private message to @CricketSupport for additional assistance. Be sure to include the name on your account, your wireless number, and the IMEI number of your phone in your reply. Also, we recommend forwarding all unwanted texts to short-code “7726” (SPAM).  You can also report any unwanted calls/texts in this link: