Contact names not showing up

  • 3 June 2019
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I have a new phone (Moto G7 Supra) and my calls are only displaying with the contact's number (555-867-5309) and not their name - I almost ignored my wife's call, because I didn't instantly recognize her number.

I'm on the phone all day, but I can't afford to screen my calls - is there a way to get the Contact Name to display for incoming and outgoing calls?

3 replies

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@bannonstanks  Thank you for posting on the Community Forum. Below I have provided a link to the Moto G7 Supra's user guide. This may help with instructions on how to make the names come up on the caller ID.

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Silly question here, but you have saved the names into the phone book of your phone correct?

Yes... you had me second-guessing for a moment.

I have a full contact list, and can search for names - numbers only when I receive a call.