Cricket app with Moto G7

  • 1 December 2019
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I have seen a post that cricket knew the my cricket app was not working on the Moto G7 and a LG phone. This was posted back in May of this year. Wondering were the fix for this is. What is taking so long. I need to unlock my phone for overseas use and got an unlock code but have to use the mycricket app to unlock. Now I have to wait 3-5 business days for someone from tech support to call me This is totally unacceptable. Why do company's sell a product that they know does not function 100%.

3 replies

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Hello @packhike. Thank you for your post. You will not be able to sign in to the MyCricket app while overseas, however, the option to unlock shows on the login screen. If you're still needing assistance please reach us on Facebook ( or twitter (@Cricketsupport).


Hi Billy thanks for your reply. May I make a recommendation though perhaps you should try reading my post over again as NOWHERE DID I STATE I WAS OVERSEAS!!!!!!!!!!! I stated I NEEDED THE PHONE FOR OVERSEAS USE!!!!!!!! I am still waiting for a fix to this problem that Cricket was obviously well aware of but decided to keep selling the he phone anyway. Not honest business practices in my opinion. Now how about telling me something useful like where the fix is.
Hey packhike, lol. That reply you gave them was on point! Best laugh I've had all day, but you just can't help but snap sometimes on such poor customer service...