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  • 25 February 2022
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This is by far the WORST phone I've ever had. No way to turn off notifications on home screen. Drops call after call after call. The volume is constantly going up and down on it's own. 

I'm disabled and absolutely can not count on this p.o s. Phone.   No wonder it was free. My husband had to return his piece of crap Dream the 2nd day. 

Going to talk to the Disabled Veterans about your useless phone. 


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I’m sorry to hear about your experience with the Cricket Dream 5G. I would suggest to make sure you have the latest software update installed, to check if there is a pending software fix available for your issue. Please know that Our devices come with a 7-day return policy starting from the day you received device that allows you to change it for something that better fits your needs.


7 days!! I have had mine a little more than a month each time something new would go aray.Volume just shuts off or changes by itself. Drops calls, People can't hear you then you check and the volume was off all by itself. Absolutely worst phone on the market are we stuck with this or do we just have to return and get a different service, this phone is absolutely worthless to me.Might as well not have one.


I totally support you.

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I switched to Cricket in Feb and got 4 of the dream phones for my family and I and OMG they are horrible!!! Mine do everything you have described PLUS more. I was told by a rep I can return them for the same phone or PAY for new ones!!! Absolutely ridiculous.