Cricket Dream 5G froze, I turned it off, it won't turn on

  • 29 January 2023
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So I was using my Cricket Dream 5G cell phone, which has been working fine for almost a month (I just got this as a replacement for a dream I spilled water on), and while using it the screen froze and I couldn’t back out, go to home pae or even turn the screen off, so I shut the phone off by holding the power button for a few seconds. Now it won’t come back on. I’ve tried holding the power button for 30+ seconds and doing the same with the volume held down as well. It doesn’t even vibrate when it goes on the charger. It was at least at 37% when it died, was updated to date, wasn’t damaged at all and wasn’t even running hot. All I did was shut it down once and now it won’t come back on. Plz help because I really don’t want to file another claim.


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Hello @kamryns! Welcome to our Cricket Community Forum and thank you for your post. We recommend visiting your local Cricket store for hands-on assistance with the device. You can see the Authorized Retailer stores in your area by clicking on the link below and entering your zip code:


If the store is unable to resolve the issue, Cricket does offer a 2-year warranty on the Dream 5G. You can also get more information on our warranty process and how to file a claim online via the link below: