Cricket Dream 5G insurance and lies

  • 4 April 2023
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I've been a customer of Cricket for quite some time. When I bought the 189.99 Dream, I also took out the insurance on it. The whole time period until now I had no problem until I broke the screen, so I called Asurion. I was informed that they are no longer replacing Dream screens which would be $29, and instead did a comparison with another phone for $75. What did I pay insurance for? I don't know what to do yet, but the insurance company also said they could give me bk my money I paid for it, which was $189.99 but get this. The $75 for the "comparable" phone would be deducted from the amount, which would leave me with $133.

Before I called them, I went to the Cricket store and the man working proceeded to inform me that a company wide email had gone out saying remove the showroom Dream and do not sell anymore at all because of defects and complaints. I told this to the insurance woman I spoke to and she was quiet for a long while when I told her I knew why they wouldn't replace the who is sweeping info under the rug: Cricket or Asurion? I'd love to hear an explanation about this.



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Hi @Volumizer 

Sorry to hear about your cracked screen on the Dream device. Please know that the screen repair option offered by Asurion is limited to eligible devices in select areas and subject to change. While the Cricket Dream 5G is not for sale anymore, our Cricket branded devices do come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty that guarantees its products against manufacturing defects. However, the 2-year manufacturer warranty does not cover physical damage like cracked screens, which is why it can be helpful to sign up for Cricket Protect to help when experiencing issues that are not covered by the manufacturer warranty (deductible applies). It’s great to hear that Asurion provided you other options with your replacement, including a refund of the amount you paid. If you have any questions or additional concerns, feel free to send us a PM to our @CricketSupport and we’d be happy to answer.