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  • 1 January 2023
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I purchased a cricket dream 5G and i only had it for 2 hours before the phone restarted itself. Since that first time it has did the same thing multiple times a day. I have visited the store where i purchased it and was told to contact customer service. Now the phone displays that the system is corrupt


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3 replies


I have the exact same phone the cricket dream and I'm having the exact same problem it started glitching then it restarted while I was on important phone call this started an hour after I got my new phone I took my phone back where I purchased it and he was no help told me to call cricket I thought he was cricket but he said he wasn't but he advertising cricket and what not...

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Hi @Leila808! We are sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with your new Cricket Dream 5G phone. A device may only be exchanged/returned at the same store where purchased and within seven (7) calendar days of purchase. For example, if the purchase date is February 1, the last acceptable return date is end of day February 8. Most Cricket devices carry a one-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase. Warranty claim coverage period on all wireless devices begins at the end of the 7-day return period. To make a warranty claim free of charge, visit and follow the prompts on the site for device replacement. 

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I received the replacement and its not working.